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Maintenance-free Shutters & Mouldings in Halifax 

At Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd., we can provide you with many multiple ways to add a special finish and make your home more inviting and appealing. Shutters & mouldings offer a distinctive feature to the look of your house. If you are looking for an option that is functional and beautiful at the same time and can add real value to your home, go for shutters. Whether your decor is traditional or contemporary, custom shutters will enhance your decorating style. Shutters do not require much maintenance and can last for a lifetime.


Ask our team about shutters and decorative mouldings to complete the exterior of your home. We have many different colours and styles to choose from. We offer shutters and mouldings in Halifax and surrounding areas.


We can provide you with mouldings from Royal® Building Products and the brands listed below.



Types of Moulding 

Mouldings are available in a lot of types including: 


  • Ceiling moulding 
    Also known as crown moulding, ceiling moulding softens the transition creating an aesthetically pleasing effect. The taller the room, the wider will be the moulding. Ceiling moulding can be simple or complex based on the details.   

  • Casing or architraves moulding 
    It is the most commonly used moulding in most houses to close the gap between drywall and a window frame or a door.   

  • Chair rail  
    It is used to protect your walls from furniture damage. It prevents your wall from any dents or scuffs and also gives your house a visual appeal. 

  • Handrails 
    They are usually installed on stairways for navigation. 

  • Baseboard moulding 
    Another common type of moulding, baseboard moulding is used to join the wall trim with the ceiling.   

  • Panel moulding  
    It is used to frame wall panelling and add a hint of elegance to traditional wainscoting, which is also decorative moulding.  

Benefits of Using Moulding 

From visual appeal to increase in value, here are the benefits of using moulding in your house: 
Hide cracks  
Cracks and imperfections in the walls, particularly in tight corners, are a given in older houses that have expanded and shifted over time. These imperfections may be rectified with the use of moulding. Moulding around a room's perimeter gives it an immediate makeover while hiding any visible cracks. 
Provide visual appeal 
Moulding effectively conceals any flaws in the wall's surface. It gives a place a more luxurious and attractive appearance. You can that goes well with the rest of your house's decor. 
Variety of choices 
Mouldings are available in a variety of styles to suit your preferences. This guarantees that you can choose one that matches your taste. If you're not sure what to do, remember that a simple design is a great approach to improve a space without outdoing it. 
Increase your house value 
Mouldings are a great addition to your house because of the many advantages they provide, and they also increase its value. It is more likely that buyers will be interested in purchasing the house if it is aesthetically appealing. We also providesoffit&Fascia installation seamless gutter installation services.    

Brands We Carry

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Appealing Homes with a Modern Look

Decorative mouldings can enrich your space by forming an eye-catching transition between the walls and ceiling.

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