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Certified Installers of Seamless Gutters & Leaf Guards in Halifax and Surrounding Areas

Gutters are an integral part of any roofing system as they effectively direct rainwater away from your house. Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd. can complete the maintenance-free exterior of your home with seamless high-gauge aluminum eavestrough and components. All of our seamless gutters are installed by certified installers so that you do not face any trouble in maintaining your property. We can help you with seamless gutters & leaf guards in Halifax and surrounding areas.


In some cases, however, installing a gutter system may not be enough as it might get clogged with leaves and other debris. You also need to focus on leaf guards to ensure the gutter systems work properly for years to come. For those of us with trees surrounding our homes, aluminum Gutter Guard is a must. It will keep your gutter and downpipe free of all debris. We are your one-stop solution for all your home improvement needs, such as door&windows, shutters&mouldings, decks and railings and more. Contact us for high-quality gutters and leaf guards in Halifax and surrounding areas. 

Why Leaf Guards?

Installing gutters in your house can help direct rainwater away from your property. But if these gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles and other debris, the gutter will become ineffective. Debris can clog the gutters in the fall and spring, so leaf guards are a great way to keep the gutters functional in any season!


Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd. is your single source for gutter installation and protection in Wellington and surrounding areas. Whether you want to learn more about our services or enjoy a new gutter guard system, we are here to help you.



Types of Seamless Gutters in Halifax 

Seamless gutters are available in a number of different materials and forms. Almost every design option that is available for traditional gutters, is also available for seamless gutters. These are available in various types such as: 


  • Box gutters: Box gutters are rectangular and are boxed into the roofs of houses and buildings. 

  • Fascia gutters: Fascia gutters are also known as eaves gutters. When your gutters are built directly into the fascia board along the side of your property, they provide an attractively trimmed look that is both functional and practical. 

  • Square gutters: They are square-shaped gutters that are used in locations that get a lot of rainfall.  

  • Round gutters: This is a half-circle-shaped gutter that is attached to the outside side of the fascia. 

  • Quad gutters: Often known as "D" gutters, quad gutters are the most preferred form of gutter for new houses and replacements because they not only look great on a new building, but they also complement the existing gutters. 


Advantages of Seamless Gutters 

Seamless gutters have a lot of advantages, including:  


  • Less maintenance: Seamless gutters are less susceptible to blockages and backups because there are no joints or seams to collect waste.  

  • Less prone to leakage: Seamless gutters have no seams, which results in fewer leaks, less maintenance and replacement of sealant, and greater protection for your property against water leakage.

  • Durability: Even with little upkeep, seamless gutters may endure more than 20 years. Sectional gutters typically have a lifespan of just 20 years if properly maintained, requiring resealing every one to five years. 

  • Aesthetic appeal: Seamless gutters are an excellent way to enhance the appeal of your house. No more unattractive, leaky, or overflowing gutters to deal with. With a range of design possibilities, seamless gutters allow you to get that flawlessly coordinated look across your property. 

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We Can Help Protect Your Gutters

Leaf guards can prevent fallen leaves and debris from collecting in the gutters and blocking them.

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