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About Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd.

Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd. began as WM Sarty Siding Company Ltd. when it was started in the mid-seventies by William (Bill) Sarty. Sarty saw both the need for and the opportunity to create such a business.

The company was incorporated in 1980. The business grew and Bill soon saw the need for a foreman to expand the company's service; Fred R. Hutchinson was promoted to this position in 1985.

In 1989 Bill retired from the business and Fred, along with his wife, Joyce, purchased the company. They are proud to continue in the tradition of excellent service established by Bill Sarty, and have maintained a full-time commitment to the company since taking the helm.

As with any business, Sarty Siding has expanded and contracted since 1989, but still employs many of the same installers since Bill Sarty founded the company – of course, several new players have been added to the team.

Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd. | Team title
Fred & Joyce Hutchinson
Don Gillam
Louise McKeen
Samantha McKeen
Office Assistant
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Sarty Siding & Windows Ltd. | Energy title
Company Highlights
• Sarty Siding has completed and keeps up-to-date
  with the Nova Scotia Safety Courses and
• Sarty's is the recipient of the Chair's Award for Safety
  Excellence from NSCSA
• Sarty's is an Accredited Business (A+ rating) with
  BBB since 1981 (BBB)
• Sarty's is also a long-term member of S.A.W.D.A.C.
  (Siding & Window Dealers of Canada) & Window
  Wise program
• Sarty's is a repeat recipient of Award of Distinction
  from the Vinyl Council of Canada

Home Energy Rebates
Right now is a great time to improve energy efficiency in your home. With a call to a Home Energy Specialist, they can provide an Energy Audit before and after your home renovation project, often a government rebate is available for energy improvements. For more details go to the Efficiency Nova Scotia website.

This can include such items as updating your windows and doors with Energy Star rated units, insulation on the walls or in attic, etc.

Contact us today for your free estimate to get started on your home renovation project.

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Seniors Discounts
Sarty Siding would also like to honor our seniors; we offer a seniors discount on their home renovation projects.

Contact us today for a free estimate; please let us know if you qualify!